3 Simple Instagram “Hacks” For Getting 1,000 Followers Quickly

Apply These 3 Simple Instagram Hacks to get to 1,000 Followers, Quickly (not instantly, but quickly)


Instagram has grown to become a worthy contender among its social media rivals. In the last six months of 2016 alone, 100 million people created new Instagram accounts, making the total number of Instagrammers reach 600 million worldwide.

Standing out from the crowd has become increasingly difficult. How can you convince your audience to follow you rather than a competitor?

Some businesses opt to buy Instagram followers. The reality is, quality Instagram followers can’t be bought, and shouldn’t be tricked. You need to engage them and give them the opportunities to connect with your brand. This does take a carefully-crafted strategy, but can be done quicker than you might imagine.

#1 – Engage with Instagram Influencers

When you engage with others’ posts, you are more likely to see them engage with your posts. However, this may not get you the followers you’re looking for. It’s not enough to just build brand awareness, you need to do something to get your viewer’s attention.

Engage with accounts that have a similar audience as you. When you engage with these influencers in your industry, be genuine, not generic with your comments.

A general, “love it,” or, “sweet post,” isn’t going to cut it. But if you were to comment, “Your project reminds me of a project I worked on last week; could you check it out and give us your feedback?”… you provide a call to action and make them aware of your work. Get that influencer to be aware of you, and their followers will follow suit.

#2 – Cultivate a Local Audience

Don’t underestimate the power of building a local following. Simply including your location or documenting a local event can draw in potential followers in the area surrounding you.

The sense of community between you and your local followers creates a foundation for your following that’s hard to beat.

These local followers, more than just being a number, can provide essential local reviews for your business. Good reviews bump up your SEO ranking and influence, the buying decisions of around 90% of customers.

#3 – Hashtags, Strategically

Throwing out a million hashtags without the right strategy is just #ridiculous.

The goal is to find like-minded communities through hashtags, and for Instagrammers in those communities to discover you.

To get your brand discovered by more new audiences, invest time in finding community hashtags that focus on keywords relevant to your brand and that have established followings that match.

Using a niche hashtag like #accountingsoftwarelikeabozz won’t get you into the community of accounting software promoted on Instagram. However, most-searched keywords like simply #accounting or #accountants will.

You’ll need to find a balance between these all-too-common hashtags in your market and the more specific ones that target a narrower audience.

Okay, that’s it for today.

Tune in regularly and check back often for more helpful tips on video to up your digital media and content marketing game.

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